EZ Home Inspection Software Training Videos

Welcome to our home inspection software training videos. You can click the expand icon at the bottom right side of each video to watch it in full screen.

Reporting Software Getting Started:

Skip to the following times to review a specific topic:

1:00 – Start Screen and explanation of templates
1:45 – How to create a new report
2:10 – Top toolbar explanation (Create new report, Manage existing reports, Import report from desktop)
3:40 – Managing templates
4:10 – Restore a default template if you want to start fresh
4:40 – How to create a new template
6:45 – How to create, print, and download a report file that you’ll give to your client
7:25 – How to send the report file directly to your client inside the software
10:30 – Setting up your company information for your cover page
12:15 – Sample report with explanation of each part of the report
14:40 – Difference between Residential and Residential Narrative templates
17:30 – The 3 types of items explained (Description item, Condition item, and Text item)
20:45 – Main User Interface and side by side explanation of UI components with report example
24:40 – How to add an item to the summary page
24:45 – How to change or remove your report disclaimer
25:30 – Main User Interface: How to Add, Delete, Move, Duplicate, Rename Sections, Subsections, and Items
29:25 – How to use Description, Condition, and Text Items
30:30 – How to add pictures to items and edit them
33:15 – Difference between local and common comment library
35:10 – About auto save and how to restore something you deleted accidentally
36:40 – How to use the comment library side panel
38:20 – How to edit the comment library items (Add, remove, and edit comment library items)
42:25 – Settings: How to change condition dropdown options
44:35 – Settings: How to change the header background color and header text color
45:15 – Settings: How to change hard coded text such as Report Information or Property Address
46:30 – Settings: Section positioning, Table of contents, Summary page position and enable
48:25 – Settings: How to set the default subject and body text for your sent reports
48:55 – Settings: About importing templates and comment libraries from the Windows desktop software
49:30 – Settings: How to set default report font style and size

Skip to the following times to review a specific topic:

0:20 – How to install the mobile app
1:25 – Get data from cloud (download your templates, comment libraries, and list of reports from web app)
2:00 – Create a new report or open an existing report
2:50 – User Interface, How to add, move, delete, rename, and duplicate items
3:55 – Using Description items and inserting comments
5:50 – How to add a comment to your comment library on the fly
6:50 – Using Condition items
7:40 – How to use voice recognition for speech to text
8:30 – How to take pictures and edit them
11:40 – Adding sections, subsections, and items on the fly
12:30 – Creating reports: How to download PDF or send to client
15:25 – Settings (save full size image to phone, shade items when complete)
17:00 – Using the app offline with no data or wifi connection

Invoicing & Payment Processing:

We are no longer partners with wepay but you can use any system that will provide you with a link to accept payment with. Here are instructions on how to update your invoice system to accept payments from any provider:

  1. Login to https://www.inspectpay.com/auth/sign-in.
  2. Go to Settings, then click Customer Email Templates.
  3. In the body section, delete the text that reads {CTA} and replace it with your payment link.

Your payment link will then be included in the email and your customer will be able to pay when they click it. Once you receive payment at your payment processer, you will need to login to mark the invoice as PAID manually in order for the report to be delivered.

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