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Fully customize your reports

Customize your reports with this fully customizable home inspection report software. You can add or remove sections, subsections, individual items, text, and photos to create completely customized reports. The software is so versatile it can be used for residential, commercial, mold, pest, radon, or virtually any other type of inspection.

Quickly Add & Edit Photos

Take photos with any device then added to the report. Adding images is a breeze with the batch add feature. Image editing allows you to quickly rotate images, add lines, circles, rectangles, arrows, and captions.

Powerful Comment Library Feature

You don’t have to be a fast typist to get reports done quickly. Insert comments instantly without having to type anything with the comment library feature. You can create and re-use your own comment library or choose from over 2,000 pre-typed home inspection comments included with the software.

Include a Report Summary Page

Quickly summarize your findings with a report summary page. The summary is automatically created and can be placed at the beginning or end of your reports. You can also pick and choose which items to include or remove the summary altogether if you’d like.

Create Your Own Templates

Includes Residential, Wind Mitigation, 4 Point, FL Roof Certification, and TREC. You can also create and re-use your own customized templates for different types of inspections. With the click of a button you can bring up all your saved templates and start your fresh report.

Auto Save & Restore Reports

Power outage or computer crash? No worries. Your reports will automatically be saved in the background with the software’s auto-save feature so they can be easily restored. You can also create a backup of all your custom templates and comment libraries so you can restore them if needed or move them to another device.

Spell Check

Automatic, on the fly spell check helps ensure you don’t have misspelled words and your reports are professional.

Print or Email Reports

Easily print or email reports to clients. You can also create the full report on-site and deliver it to the client and realtors via print, email or a USB thumb drive.

Create Reports On-Site

Powerful Home Inspection Report Software lets you create the entire report and deliver it to the customer on-site using a laptop or touch screen tablet PC*. Reports can be printed, given via a USB thumb drive, or emailed to the client so you can be done and enjoy the rest of your day.

Great Looking Reports

We’ve been told time and time again that we have the best looking reports in the industry and we truly believe that. Clients and realtors are looking for simple, easy to read reports with color photos and we guarantee you’ll have the best looking report around. Feel free to show our home inspection sample report to a few realtors and see what they think.

Affordable Price

We have the best home inspection software for the price. You can create unlimited reports with all of our plans. Some companies claim a one-time price and then require you to pay hundreds of dollars for updates just to keep using it. The rates on our pricing page include all updates.

Free Tech Support

We stand behind our product and offer tech support at no charge. We usually respond to emails within an hour or two and will work hard to get your questions answered ASAP. Have a question? Feel free to Contact Us.

Easy to Learn & Use

Start creating reports in no time with the simplest and easiest to use software available. You’ll learn everything you need to know with a few short training videos and In less than an hour you’ll be on your way to creating your own reports. Be sure to check out our Home Inspection Software Reviews.

Instant Access

As soon as you sign up you’ll receive an email with login information. Start reporting today with instant access to the software and mobile app.

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