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Below are some home inspection software reviews from our customers.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I have been using EZ Home Inspection Software for about two years now. They also work with me to design and host my website. I have to say that the level of support is remarkable. I have never had an email ignored or even put off until the next day. Even when I had a slight meld-down on a Saturday morning when I thought I had lost an entire report. A quick email response and turns out it was no problem at all. I was fine.
Oh, by the way, the software is terrific!

Inspection Connection, Prosser WA

I used your software for the first time today at a live inspection, and let me say that everything worked perfectly. This truly is a great, easy to use, and totally customizable piece of software. Thank you.

Hector Acevedo
Acevedo Home Inspections, Buford, GA

I have switched to EZ Home Inspection software several years ago. It is simple to use and customize, the price is very affordable. The features more than exceed my expectation in comparison to the software I used prior. My home inspection website was also designed and is hosted by EZ website services. Whenever I’ve had questions or request editing of my website Mr. Rusty Craig has been right there with his usual expeditious support. Rusty is one of few business people I encounter who has a focus on long term service rather than short term earnings. Rusty Craig, EZ Home Inspection software and EZ website services are second to none and highly recommended.

Hemwant Persaud
Hi 5 Home Inspections, South Ozone Park NY

We have been using your EZ software for close to two years. We like it because it is easy to follow, and our clients receive a clear and easy to read report… It’s a great program.

David Temel

I had been using a great reporting system for eight years that was created and written by a Professional Engineer that happened to also be a Home Inspector. The problem with the report I was using was that it is written in MS Doss and only operated in MS Doss mode on outdated equipment. I spent weeks searching for a new system that I could easily convert, modify, and update my old report over to. I had my search choice narrowed down to two systems that cost from $600.00 to $2500.00 but was still not happy as both of these [and most other reports I found] generate about 60 pages of unwanted or necessary filler/fluff information.

I decided to search one more time and found the EZ System. I was impressed with the demo and called Rusty for details on how to use it so I ordered it. Got it very quickly and have been able to modify it on an as per inspection basis. I have been able to recreate my old report but with a new and updated look. I have created different report templates that include existing structure, HUD, historic, and new construction for a great looking report with the situation necessary information contained …not a bunch of unwanted stuff. However, if you want the fluff you can add it! The Library is a great tool to use and it can be modified to put into your own words. Rusty has always returned my calls and answered my questions on a timely and professional basis. For the price of less than one inspection this is a great tool.

Jim Thorpe
Case the Place Home Inspections, Edmond, OK

After finally realizing no matter how many comments I had in my reporting template, I was never going to get my reports done any faster, I decided to upgrade my reporting software. I downloaded many demo programs, all at different prices. After all the testing and weighing the costs of each program (not wanting to keep paying monthly or yearly renewal fees) I decided to go with the EZ Home Inspection Software. The software is very easy to operate and the ability to customize every report is great. The option to add as many sections as needed keeps the comments to a minimum for each particular section, so you don’t waste time searching for the right one. I had a couple of questions about the software and emailed support. Every time I received a fast response. Don’t waste your time looking any further for a reporting software, EZ Home Inspection Software has everything you need at a great price.

George Hoeye
Nevada Home Inspections LLC, Las Vegas, NV

I received your software today its so easy to use and the price is great to. Thank you again.

Chris Watts
Home Inspector, Hemet, CA

Thank you for the software it is great. I really like the way it works and I’m really happy with it.

Mike Hicks
Home Inspector, Edgerton, WI

I want to say thank you for the greatest software on the market today–it was so easy to customize it to my needs–by the way–can’t beat the price either.

Herb Gaskin
Home Inspector, Topeka, KS

When I was first starting out as a Home Inspector, I was in the market for Inspection software. I literally tried every available Big name and no name software demo I could find. I had the funds to buy any one of them but none of them were what I was looking for. Some were so complicated that I gave up trying to configure them and others that were just generic and non-configurable. I just wanted something simple and not complicated to custom configure reports. I purchased EZ Home Inspection Software and it did everything I wanted and then some. The simplicity and ability to customize it is phenomenal. Rusty’s customer support is next to none. I had one problem with the software and Rusty sent me a fix that saved my lost work within 2 hrs. It’s been working flawless every since. I can’t say enough about it accept “try it!” It is the best Home Inspection software I’ve ever used, bar none!

Anthony Coscia
The House Detectives Home Inspections, Las Vegas, NV

I have been using EZ home inspection for a few months now. I replaced my old no longer supported software after a major computer failure and could not find a new computer that would run it. After many hours searching and demoing and many many phone conversations with software manufacturers and getting upset at those that would not return my call or can only be contacted via E mail. Rusty was very helpful and answered all my questions and was very patient with me.

Now for the software. It’s very user friendly, flexible and concise. The report was easily modified to meet my inspection needs and have made my own master template. I’ve bee able to add or remove lines in the inspection, insert picture etc etc. I have gotten great reviews from my realtors and clients alike the most liked features are the pics and the summary indexing. This is a powerful tool to have in the home inspection arsenal. After the software was purchased Rusty has returned my call and addressed any concerns that have arisen. THIS IS AN AWESOME PRODUCT and I have no regrets on my purchase.

Chris Raring

I love this product. I have only used it a couple of times, as I am just starting out in the business, but I am very pleased so far. Your name EZhomeinspection software is perfect because that’s all I could think when I first started playing around with the different features was how easy it was to navigate. So many times you buy software and get frustrated because it so complicated to figure out. I only had one little issue with getting my logo onto the report, but that was quickly resolved with a simple email. Thank you for making such a great product.

Craig Avery
Umpqua Inspections, Roseburg, OR

I love your program, it’s so easy to use and I get nothing but compliments when I present the report to my customers.

Bruce MacDonald
Ready2move Home Inspections, Cornwall, Ontario Canada

Our company has used EZ Home Inspection for over a year. The ability to customize is simple and quick. The copy and paste fetcher of whole section with a push of two buttons really made formatting different templates quick and easy. Rusty’s support has helped me through any difficulties I may have had.

Joseph King
Home Inspector, Miami, FL

I have searched many home inspection report software companies in hopes of the perfect software. Most software that I found were time consuming and confusing. I then stumbled on EZ Home Inspection software. After viewing the tutorial, I was blown away on how easy it was to customize your own inspection. The price alone beats the competition out of the water. Love it and thanks.

Mike Neto
Home Inspector, Shelby Township, MI

I really love your software and your customer support team is the greatest. Thanks EZ!!!

Wes Bailey
Home Inspector, Douglasville, GA

I like the simplicity of your software. Anyone can learn it and make a great presentation.

Ken Massey
Home Inspector, Ponte Vedra, FL

I bought this software based on the demo on the website and the price. It is well worth every penny. It is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to customize. The first report that I did using this software, the customer was very happy, he said that the report was much more detailed and organized than what he was used to seeing. The only thing better than the software is the support. I have sent Rusty emails before and after the purchase and he has answered everything for me, usually within 30 minutes. Thanks for the software and even more for the support after the sale!!!

Randy Hargett
Hargett Home Inspections LLC, Flemingsburg, KY

I am very pleased with your EZ Home Inspection Software. It is easy to understand and the price is fantastic. After doing much research yours was the best home inspection software.

Marriane Crawford
Crawford Home Inspections , British Columbia, Canada

Just wanted to say that I bought your software and yesterday used the software for the first time. You guys got it right. Wow what a difference. I have only done 4 reports so far but I can honestly say I no longer dread them. You really put out a clean looking – straight to the point- easy to digest report. My feedback from my Agents and Clients has been positive as far as to compliment me on the readability of the report. The training videos are awesome as well. I am referring to them periodically for tips. So thank you for a good product.

Dennis Welch
Desert Breeze Property Inspection LLC, Chandler, AZ

Thank you so much for all the help and support you gave us. Your software is wonderful and easy to use. I would recommend your product.

Sandra Garratt
Home Inspector, Ontario, CA

I really love your software and your customer support team is the greatest. Thanks EZ!!!

Wes Bailey
Home Inspector, Douglasville, GA

I love your home inspection software. I have used different programs down through the years and none compare to yours. Thank You.

David Martin
CHI , CMI, Milton, FL

EZ Home Inspection Software is wonderful. We have been told that our reports are the best our clients have ever seen. I looked at a Home Inspection we had done when we purchased a house 3 years ago, and EZ Home Inspection Software Reports are much easier to read and undertand. The software is user friendly and the technical support is unbelievably good. I highly recommend EZ Home Inspection Software.

Rachel Rhodes
Ark Home Inspections, LLC, Florence, MS

I have found your program versatile, easy to learn, and easy to modify and use. The video instruction that accompanies the program is very effective. Whenever I’ve had questions, they have been right there with support. Can’t ask for more than that!

Ed Newman
Home Inspector, Alamogordo, NM

I have been using your software for about a month. It was easy to set up and use. The price was very affordable. The features match or exceed those of more expensive programs I have reviewed in the past.

Chuck Jones
Home Inspector, Denver, CO

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