Get free lifetime software access if we use one of your submitted templates.

We would like to provide more templates to users and need your help putting those together. If you’re an experienced inspector with templates and comment libraries already created, we are interested in working with you. The default template you received with the software was generously provided by one of our users many years ago. Now we are looking for more templates in the following areas:

  • Commercial
  • Home Energy Audit
  • Mold

If you have a template and comment library for any of the above areas and don’t mind us sharing it with other users then please submit them to us for review.

How to submit a template for consideration:

1. Visit our contact us page and enter the email associated with your software account.
2. List all templates you’re interested in sharing including the template name in your account.
3. We’ll review those and reply back letting you know if your template was chosen.

Note: Providing templates and comment libraries grants us permission to use those in the software and share those with other software users. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.